Twin sisters Natasha and Toshina Romero have been steadily growing a fanatical following as Dos Sorella over the past 7 years throughout the Vancouver/Portland area. Through hosting open mic nights consistently over 5 years, they have developed strong songwriting abilities and fine tuned their individual complimentary styles to create a diverse repertoire. Instrumentally strong, vocally charged they are the perfect blend of heart and soul. Their music draws you in allowing all of your senses a great experience you will dance, laugh, cry, and sing along to every song. Their music speaks like a conversation, a little bit of love, pain, and life. The music of Dos Sorella is acoustically driven, with rich hooks, sultry harmonies, and a dynamic rhythm section, comprised of world percussion, melodic electric guitar hooks, and a deep pocket rhythm section that fluidly support and color their music. From impassioned, powerful expressions of rage to sorrowful ballads and uplifting pop, the twin sisters carry the audience from one mood to another effortlessly. The diversity of their talents and songwriting is reflected in the wide range of fans that follow them religiously. From hardcore metalheads to teenage girls longing to be heard, they manage to intimately connect with them all.