Let me start by saying that I know how badly a breakup can hurt. The horrible feeling of rejection mixed with the longing to be with her again is one of the most painful things a man can go through. When trying to get their ex-girlfriend back most guys go about it all wrong. In fact, the things that most men instinctively do after a breakup actually drive the girl even further away. Most guys call over and over again and send gifts. They act depressed hoping the girl will feel bad for him. Most guys try to use logic and reasoning to convince the girl to come back -- NONE OF THIS WORKS. Do Any Of These Symptoms Sound Familiar? * Endlessly thinking about what you could have done or said to save the relationship * Constantly checking your email or voicemail to see if she got in touch * Loss of appetite (or maybe even binge eating at times to momentarily dull the pain) * Picturing her sleeping with or falling in love with another man * Continuosly thinking about why she really left you